Sawn timber


Sahakuutio's customer-oriented approach means products that meet the customers needs in terms of quality, dimensions and moisture. We produce 70 000m3 of pine and spruce sawn timber annually of which 60% is pine and 40% spruce.

We have focused on sawing a small diameter log, logs with a top diameter of 10 cm - 26 cm. Sawn timber sawn from this raw material is the best suited to the needs of the furniture, gluelam, thermal wood and carpentry industries. More than 80% of our production is exported, we have 32 export countries.

Our sawn timber ends up mainly to EU countries, Asia, North Africa and the Middle East.

The dimensions are 15 mm - 75 mm thick and 75 mm - 200 mm wide, maximum thickess of 200 mm products is 38 mm.

We specialize especially in the production of sound knotted sawn timber.



Lengths by tree speacies:


Pine 3,0 / 3,6 / 4,2 / 5,1

Spruce 3,0 / 3,6 / 4,0 (3,9) / 5,1