Production and products


Sahakuutio Oy produces around 65,000 m3 of sawn timber each year, 55 % of which is spruce and the remainder pine. The production plant specializes in sawing and drying small-diameter pine and spruce. The resulting high-quality sawn timber is ideal for furniture, thermal wood, and laminated timber boards and beams.

Sahakuutio Oy purchases its raw timber based on customer orders. The timber is then sorted to 46 grades, based on top diameter and length.

The timber is then sawn by a Hewsaw R 200 to the client's specifications. The available dimensions are 15mm-63mm (thickness) and 63mm-175mm (width). The available lengths are 3.0m, 3.6m, and 4.2m (pine) and 3.0m, 3.3m, 3.6m, and 4.2m (spruce).

The annual drying capacity of Sahakuutio Oy is 50,000 m3, which is achieved using two drive-through drying chambers and three normal drying chambers. Timber is dried until it is shipping dry, special dry, or until it meets the moisture content requirement of the customer. The timber is re-sorted after drying. The moisture content of each sawn timber piece is measured and the goods stamped with a shipping code. The finished package is then wrapped in plastic.

The annual production capacity of Ekosampo Oy is around 6,000 m3. The company prides itself on being highly customer-centred. Each client can select the dimension and quality they require. Finnish high-quality wood is our raw material. The wood is carefully selected for thermal treatment from Sahakuutio Oy's production.

Thermal wood is manufactured by modifying it at over 160°C. Thermal treatment enhances the material's qualities, e.g. by increasing its resistance to decay and weathering, its thermal insulation properties, and its dimensional stability. The high temperature eliminates all resin from the wood.

The indoor applications of thermal wood include walls, ceilings, floors, saunas, fixtures, and furniture. The outdoor applications include exterior cladding of buildings, outdoor construction, and carpentry products.